A Quick Guide to Malacca City on booking Tickets with JetBlue Airlines

Malacca is a state of Malaysia known for its antique shops and markets, cultural heritage and food. If you are also planning to visit the ancient landmarks in Malacca, then aim it with JetBlue Airlines Reservations that will save you a few bucks. Let us go through the few points that we need to keep in mind before we go ahead.

The best time to visit Malacca :

The Malacca has very moderate and stable weather throughout the year. There is no bad time to visit Malacca as there is little rainfall all over the year. The days are a bit warm because of the raised temperature and humidity. Though, you can visit this place in April, May, and October during the usually dry months. However, you are open to plan a trip for any time of the year because of its pleasant weather. So, what are you up to now? Book your ticket with JetBlue Airlines Deals and get instant discounts.

What to eat in Malacca : 

If you are looking for numerous options to taste at this place, then just travel through the JetBlue Airlines Flights to save more so that you can spend on savoring Malaysian flavors. A few specialties of Malacca include chicken rice ball that you will find everywhere in the city and restaurants served in their own styles. Durian Cendol is a dessert that consists of the fruit with the classic Malaysian dessert, cendol adored by the locals. You can also look out for satay Celup, Nyonya dishes plus potato and chicken stew that will turn your taste buds alive.

Places to visit in Malacca :

There are a lot of things to do in Malacca such as exploring Botanical gardens and sand dunes. You can visit the Melaka Straits Mosque which appears to be floating on the sea and Baby Nyonya Heritage Museum for stunning views of tall buildings. Other than these, there are multiple sites such as Shore sky, Dutch Square and Malacca Batik House that can be explored by the locals as well as tourists. So, check out some eye-catching offers on JetBlue Airlines Official Site to get familiar with Malacca.

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