9 Things You Are Not Allowed To Do While In Dubai

Dubai is referred to as a ‘cosmopolitan hub’, a land of diverse culture and a city deeply rooted in its religiosity. Nevertheless, it is filled with people from different religions, regions, and backgrounds from Asian or American cities. However, there are some things one should be mindful of when in a new city, the same as when in Dubai.

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Given below is a list of what not to do when in Dubai:

1.  Avoid wearing revealing clothing.

2.  Don’t stalk local women or closely stare at her.

3.  Do not use swearing words and indecent gestures.

4.  Do not smoke or drink anywhere you feel like, but on designated areas.

5.  Don’t try to be that over-friendly visitor.

6.  You are not allowed to take photographs without prior permission from that individual.

7.  There are some medicines that are banned and illegal, so make sure you are not carrying such products.

8.  Remember that Public display of affection or PDA is seriously frowned upon, so be aware of that.

9.  Drinking and driving is a crime and punishable without a doubt.

Apart from the given “don’ts” while visiting Dubai, you can also do some research of your own to stay on the safer side. And you are good to go!
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