Miami’s Most Popular Attractions with Jet Blue Airlines

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  • While around Miami, visit the place called Everglades.Here,you can enjoy many water sports activities such as fishing and biking. You can also swim through knee-high mud with an off-trail climb. The water looks cool and creatures like the manatee, the American crocodile, and the Florida jaguar can be easily spotted here.
  • Miami’s most up to date attraction is known as the Time Out Market. You can discover Miami’s top wine authority’s here. It is actually an extravagance food corridor that is known for serving the best gourmet! From Jeremy Ford’s Korean food to regular pizza joints, this place has all types of cuisines and food items!
  • If you are in search of a place that has many great resorts and beach facing views, then Sea Drive is the right place to invest your time and energy. One can spend an entire day shopping at the close by Lincoln Road. This place is actually a road with many beautiful inns, cafes, and bars. The structures are particularly made with Art Deco design (from Paris).
  • If you want more such shopping and cafe hunting experiences, then visit Downtown’s Bay side Marketplace. From local to boutique brands, this marketplace is an extraordinary place that offers everything! Many diners serving American cuisine can be visited here. Simply enjoy a milkshake with a burger and fries while relaxing down from your shopping binge! All the structures here are two-story shopping complexes. So take a day off from exploring and indulge in fancy bites at some fancy cafes and shop your heart out!

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