Plan a Sorted Vacation in Hudson River Valley with Jetblue Airlines

The Hudson Valley is a beautiful place to be at for vacationing purposes along the enormous Hudson River. It is a part of the New York State region adjacent to Westchester County. The valley is enriched with magnificent vineyards and rich orchards. It also houses the famous Storm King Art Centre Park, which showcases excellent sculptures and artifacts. Dia: Beacon is another famous museum here, which displays the wonderful pieces of art since the 1960s. So, hurry and book your Jetblue Airlines Tickets at the Jetblue Airlines Official Site!

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  • The valley along the Hudson River offers various water activities and sports, which are adventurous and ideal for youngsters. Indulge in fun water activities like boating, swimming, and surfing.
  • The Hudson River Valley houses 8 major districts stretched from eastern bank to the western(Albany to Yonkers). The Lower, Middle, and Upper part of the Hudson together constitute a renowned National Heritage Area as well as one of the most delightful districts in the eastern part of the USA. Visit the Hudson River school of painting, which is one of the first and renowned artistry and craft schools of America. Famous writers Edith Wharton and Washington Irving wrote many of their accounts and books along the banks of the River Hudson.
  • The river is 300+ miles in length and offers amazing options for sightseeing and leisure as well as adventurous activities. Hudson has numerous museums and historical halls, stunning Victorian villages, etc. Indulge in activities like climbing, kayaking, fishing, and skiing here.
  • The Hudson region has turned into the hub of some of the renowned, rich, and influential families like the Roosevelts, Living stons, Rocke fellers, etc.Explore the region and get to know more about these families through locals.

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