The Most Incredible Natural Wonders to See in New York with Jetblue Airlines Flights

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If you thought New York is only about its iconic skyscrapers, the Empire State Building, the Times Square, and the sprawling Central Park, you got it all wrong! Away from those booming developments and ceaseless inventions, lays the natural marvels of New York- incredible beyond one’s imagination. Contradicting to its industrial superstructures and up-to-date lifestyles are the jaw-dropping wonders of Mother Nature it possesses. Even though the major urban outlook of New York is what attracts many, it is also the natural wonders that lures in tons of others. And with easy excess to the cheapest Jetblue Airlines Deals and travel discounts, the natural treasures of New York are just a flight away!

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And talking about the must-see natural wonder of New York, here they are:


Located in the northeastern region of New York, the Adirondacks is a breathtaking natural beauty. Famed as a world-class recreation with diverse opportunities- it is something you need to see to believe! It is the largest state park in the United States, and you have to step into an experience to actually understand its brilliance. Multi-colored trees, irenic lakes, massive rock formations, unspoiled wilderness, and stunning glaciers- that pretty much describes the Adirondacks, to say a few. The Adirondacks is nobody’s average adventure destination, but a gigantic 2.5 million hectares of outdoor, boasting endless opportunities for hiking, climbing, boating, and exploration.


If you have your folks along, New York has your entire family covered with Herkimer Diamond Mines. Yes, you heard it right! Diamonds! The moment of truth, they are not literally diamonds but are diamond-like quartz crystals. Did I disappoint you? I hope not. Apparently, Herkimer Diamond Mines is one of the few rare places where you will discover special-shaped crystals- you actually have to hunt for it. The point is, you can keep your entire folks busy, excited, and entertained for a good few hours on the pretext of an exciting treasure hunt. And the best part is, you get to keep your finds!


Standing on both sides along the border between northern New York and Canada is the Thousand Islands. It is one of New York’s prized possessions, home to over 1,000 islands. The Island Islands is an adventurer’s paradise and a happy place for nature buffs. The islands are more than just mere attractions, but an experience in itself- showing off charming bays and secret passageways. They are an outdoors man’s playground, with numerous things to do- fishing, hiking, camping, exploring, and more!


Your trip to New York will forever remain incomplete if you do not see the Niagara Falls. A natural geological wonder and one of the world’s most powerful and famous waterfalls- the sight of Niagara Falls is frightening, yet incredible. Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls complete the vigorous Niagara Falls. If you are feeling a little too adventurous, Niagara cruises are available to get you closer to these mighty falls. Or you can head to the Prospect Point Observation Tower to take in spectacular views of the surroundings!

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With so much to see, explore, and discover, what you are waiting for rather than carrying out your initial Jetblue Airlines Reservations towards New York at the earliest!

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