Monterrey City in Nuevo Leon Has the Best of USA with JetBlue Airlines Reservations

Monterrey is the capital city of the state of Nuevo León, Mexico. The city is a great hub of industrial and commercial activities. Plan a trip to the beautiful city which is surrounded by great mountains and is overlooked by the Palacio del Obispado, a Baroque palace with a great museum with Jetblue Airlines Reservations. Explore the region of Downtown where there are fun places like Macroplaza. Head to the striking Museo de Arte Contemporaneo and the Faro de Comercio tower in the city.

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Nuevo Vallarta Beach

Visit the renowned beach of Mexico and watch the mighty waves sliding against the shore. Witness the rich birdlife and turtles. It is an ideal spot for swimming as the waves are much favorable. Take part in various adventure activities like parasailing, horse riding, and surfing. Witness the magical sunset during the evening with your loved ones.

The Macroplaza 

Visit the Macroplaza in the city of Monterrey. It is the world’s fourth-biggest public complex and is an incredible spot to get refreshed with your family and friends. The Macroplaza was built back in 1980 and covers 99 acres of the land area surrounded by beautiful nurseries around. Witness the 70-meter-tall Lighthouse of Commerce (Faro del Comercio), one of the most noteworthy in Mexico. Head to the Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno) which houses numerous artefacts and articles including the firearms used to execute Emperor Maximilian and his officers in 1867. Grab a meal from any of the eateries around here.

Parque Ecologico Chipinque

The staggering Parque Ecológico Chipinque is a great mountainside situated 12 km away from the downtown region of Monterrey City. Plan a session of trekking with your loved ones or even go for a round of mountain-biking in over 60km of beautiful trails. Click some memorable pictures around the region with your dear ones.

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Popular Places to Explore in Portland with Jetblue Airlines

Planning a holiday in Portland? Visit the Jetblue Airlines Official Site and book your Delta Airlines Tickets now! Below, we have mentioned some popular places to visit in Portland:

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Tom McCall Waterfront Park

This park is the perfect place to unwind on a radiant day! You’ll find hordes of joggers and bicyclists everywhere. Inside the park, there are many things to do. The Portland Saturday Market is held inside here every end of the week from March to Christmas Eve. Also, landmarks like the Founders Stone, Japanese American Historical Plaza, and the Police Memorial are worth exploring. For a good food experience, visit inside the Pine Street Market!

Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum is the popular attraction here, which is situated in the core of downtown Portland. The museum is home to Oregon’s most popular assortment, including works from the European experts, Japanese screen prints, and contemporary American pieces. The art lovers are going to cherish this place!

Rose Garden

The rose garden (or international rose garden) has over 10,000 varieties of roses! There is also a Miniature Rose Garden to explore. The American Rose Society in memory of the European soldiers sets up this place from World War I. Another popular segment here is the unique Shakespeare Garden, which is loaded up with roses that are named after the characters in William Shakespeare’s plays.

Multnomah Falls

Situated around 30 miles east of Portland, plan a visit to the Multnomah Falls. Visit this fall to enjoy the perfect view of the Columbia River Gorge. The Multnomah Falls Lodge, situated at the base of the falls, has a shop to buy gifts from, a bathroom for the guests, and a café to relax after the climb.

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The Most Incredible Natural Wonders to See in New York with Jetblue Airlines Flights

With Jetblue Airlines Flights, you have the lucky chance to travel often, see new places, and re-visit familiar favorites, even on a budget.

If you thought New York is only about its iconic skyscrapers, the Empire State Building, the Times Square, and the sprawling Central Park, you got it all wrong! Away from those booming developments and ceaseless inventions, lays the natural marvels of New York- incredible beyond one’s imagination. Contradicting to its industrial superstructures and up-to-date lifestyles are the jaw-dropping wonders of Mother Nature it possesses. Even though the major urban outlook of New York is what attracts many, it is also the natural wonders that lures in tons of others. And with easy excess to the cheapest Jetblue Airlines Deals and travel discounts, the natural treasures of New York are just a flight away!

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And talking about the must-see natural wonder of New York, here they are:


Located in the northeastern region of New York, the Adirondacks is a breathtaking natural beauty. Famed as a world-class recreation with diverse opportunities- it is something you need to see to believe! It is the largest state park in the United States, and you have to step into an experience to actually understand its brilliance. Multi-colored trees, irenic lakes, massive rock formations, unspoiled wilderness, and stunning glaciers- that pretty much describes the Adirondacks, to say a few. The Adirondacks is nobody’s average adventure destination, but a gigantic 2.5 million hectares of outdoor, boasting endless opportunities for hiking, climbing, boating, and exploration.


If you have your folks along, New York has your entire family covered with Herkimer Diamond Mines. Yes, you heard it right! Diamonds! The moment of truth, they are not literally diamonds but are diamond-like quartz crystals. Did I disappoint you? I hope not. Apparently, Herkimer Diamond Mines is one of the few rare places where you will discover special-shaped crystals- you actually have to hunt for it. The point is, you can keep your entire folks busy, excited, and entertained for a good few hours on the pretext of an exciting treasure hunt. And the best part is, you get to keep your finds!


Standing on both sides along the border between northern New York and Canada is the Thousand Islands. It is one of New York’s prized possessions, home to over 1,000 islands. The Island Islands is an adventurer’s paradise and a happy place for nature buffs. The islands are more than just mere attractions, but an experience in itself- showing off charming bays and secret passageways. They are an outdoors man’s playground, with numerous things to do- fishing, hiking, camping, exploring, and more!


Your trip to New York will forever remain incomplete if you do not see the Niagara Falls. A natural geological wonder and one of the world’s most powerful and famous waterfalls- the sight of Niagara Falls is frightening, yet incredible. Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls complete the vigorous Niagara Falls. If you are feeling a little too adventurous, Niagara cruises are available to get you closer to these mighty falls. Or you can head to the Prospect Point Observation Tower to take in spectacular views of the surroundings!

This article is written by Jet Blue Flights, a content writer by profession and a lover of literary works by nature.  Writing on travel and recreation-related topics, she aims to help travelers in their decision makings. Thus, she writes with endless research and most experience.

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Do You Know about Los Angeles Elevation with Jetblue Airlines

Los Angeles is the most crowded city in the western portion of the United States and one of the key social and business hearts of the whole. Being the greatest metropolitan zone, you must know certain things about the place. Before we get started, visit the Jetblue Airlines Official Site now to book your air tickets to the USA.

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In the mid twentieth century, Hollywood turned into a piece of the city, causing Los Angeles to develop into a predominant power all around the globe. These days, the city is known as one of the key social centre points of the United States, facilitating endless occasions and being the prime area for America’s film making industry. Also, gigantic organizations and new businesses are headquartered in Los Angeles and the city now is one of the most-visited touristic areas on the planet.

The elevation of a city or town is a significant topographical measurement that means how high or low that area is according to the ocean level. Los Angeles is elevated and we get to know this through different points. For instance, the most noteworthy point in the city of Los Angeles is Mt Lukens, which has a height of 5,075 feet while the mean height of Los Angeles is 2,900 feet. The point with the most reduced elevation is Bad water Basin, which is 279 feet underneath the ocean level.

The city of Los Angeles has a Mediterranean atmosphere and since it’s one of the greatest and most-visited urban communities on the planet, you can come and enjoy here at any time of the year be it summers, fall or winters. There are attractions and sightseeing options for the whole family including many popular amusement parks, clubs, bars, eateries, historical centers, exhibitions, and more.

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Where to Find the Best Sea Aide Resorts & Hotels in the USA with JetBlue Airlines

Visiting America? Book the best seaside stays! For immaculate get-away escapes, you got to stay at beach resorts. From extravagance properties to kid-accommodating hotels, there are all varieties of stay available here! Visit the Jet Blue Airlines Official Site and book your Jet Blue Airlines Tickets now!

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  • Looking for a fun beachfront manor? Book Montage Laguna situated on a feign fronting the ocean. The resort has private overhangs and chic marble showers. Services like the spa are also there. With exquisite rooms and suites, the place is done up with flawless dim wooden furnishings and cool territorial fine art- this is no less than a luxury stay. There is a cafe and barbecue nearby.
  • At the suburb of Los Angeles, there is a spectacular luxury resort-Shutters on the Beach. There are overhangs of the white wooden shades opening onto the seashore! The rooms and suites are a total extravagance with delightful stylistic themes. Also, luxury services like spa, pool with lawn chairs, cabana rentals, private yoga classes, etc. are available here.
  • In the in vogue and rich Florida town of Naples is situated La Play a Beach and Golf Resort. The Rooms and suites here are splendid with comfortable beds and all the mod cons. Property conveniences include a freestyle pool, a spa, a rec centre, and many other services. Jacuzzi baths are also here for those who are looking to relax and unwind. Experience the pure joy of shopping and eating around here.The property has a laid-back, beachy vibe and contemporary styling all through. Do not forget to indulge on food at the beachfront cafe close to a fire pit that is incredible for cold evenings.

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Tuscaloosa City Is Worth Exploring In Alabama with Jetblue Airlines

Tuscaloosa is a great city in the state of Alabama. There are numerous places on the city worth visiting are Bryant-Denny Stadium, University of Alabama, Alabama Museum of Natural History, Battle-Friedman House, Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion, Lake Lurleen State Park, etc. The city is famous among the local and global vacationers. To visit here, visit the Jetblue Airlines Official Site now and make your Jetblue Airlines Reservations now!

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Following are some more places, which you can visit during your US trip:

Paul W. Bryant Museum

Paul Bryant is a renowned legend of the state of Alabama who has gained international recognition. In 1958, he turned into the trainer for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide and transformed the team into a powerhouse. He won 3 titles between 1961 and 1965 along with worldwide appreciation.  Get to know each and everything about his life. Take the guided tour of the museum and spend some great time with your loved ones.

Tuscaloosa Riverwalk

Tuscaloosa Riverwalk is one of the biggest and finest natural spots in the city which attracts a large number of tourists from America. The place is ideal to spend some tranquil moments with your loved ones like strolling, running, biking, etc. Capitol Park is nearby and is another great spot to spend some hours. Click some amazing and memorable photographs with your loved ones here. 

University of Alabama Campus

Alabama University is one of the brilliant institutions of America which has gained utmost recognition. Explore the beautified campus of the place with your loved ones during the day time.

Wander through the President’s Mansion and stirring trees in Woods Quad. The picturesque area is one of the peaceful spots in the state. The entry to the place is free of cost and you may interact with any of the local students here to know about the place in a significant manner.

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