Plan a Sorted Vacation in Hudson River Valley with Jetblue Airlines

The Hudson Valley is a beautiful place to be at for vacationing purposes along the enormous Hudson River. It is a part of the New York State region adjacent to Westchester County. The valley is enriched with magnificent vineyards and rich orchards. It also houses the famous Storm King Art Centre Park, which showcases excellent sculptures and artifacts. Dia: Beacon is another famous museum here, which displays the wonderful pieces of art since the 1960s. So, hurry and book your Jetblue Airlines Tickets at the Jetblue Airlines Official Site!

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  • The valley along the Hudson River offers various water activities and sports, which are adventurous and ideal for youngsters. Indulge in fun water activities like boating, swimming, and surfing.
  • The Hudson River Valley houses 8 major districts stretched from eastern bank to the western(Albany to Yonkers). The Lower, Middle, and Upper part of the Hudson together constitute a renowned National Heritage Area as well as one of the most delightful districts in the eastern part of the USA. Visit the Hudson River school of painting, which is one of the first and renowned artistry and craft schools of America. Famous writers Edith Wharton and Washington Irving wrote many of their accounts and books along the banks of the River Hudson.
  • The river is 300+ miles in length and offers amazing options for sightseeing and leisure as well as adventurous activities. Hudson has numerous museums and historical halls, stunning Victorian villages, etc. Indulge in activities like climbing, kayaking, fishing, and skiing here.
  • The Hudson region has turned into the hub of some of the renowned, rich, and influential families like the Roosevelts, Living stons, Rocke fellers, etc.Explore the region and get to know more about these families through locals.

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A History Tour to USA’s Baltimore with JetBlue Airlines

Baltimore is a place that has many peppy and culture-rich attractions for tourists to experience. This rejuvenated charming City offers a mixed culture and is jam-packed with popular museums / exhibitions, theatres, and breweries.

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  • Baltimore’s artistic is worth exploring! Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum is a place where you’ll come across the story of Baltimore’s eccentric culture.
  • One of the most notable attractions in Baltimore is the National Aquarium. It is a mainstream fascination and one of the famous components of it is the aquarium of the “Black tip Reef”. It is a display of Indo-Pacific reefs that shows 20 black tip reef sharks and 60 types of fishes, including zebra sharks, jokester trigger fish, and green ocean turtles.
  • Next, plan to visit the American Visionary Art Museum. The museum shows a wide scope of themes on science and innovation that is visionary. There are many displays for children as well. Here, both adults and youngsters are going to learn a lot!
  • Next place, which is similar, is the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine. Enjoy a grand view on the water and catch up on American history here! The place though is for history buffs; you can also visit to unwind on the grounds!
  • If you love to try new brews in a new place, then in Baltimore, there are various lager houses around that offer tastings of the best brews! One of the most well known here is Union Craft Brewing in the Medfield region of the city. Waverly Brewing Company is another well-known place to tries the smooth brews!

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Visiting Maui? Here are the Best Eater Activities to do with JetBlue Airlines

Maui is an astounding place to visit through out the year. Springtime is the best for visiting as there are many spots to click some ultimate pictures with your loved ones. If you are planning to visit too, you can make your JetBlue Airlines Reservations now! The place is ideal to visit with your families as it has many well-known beaches for spending quality moments.

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One of the common sea activities in Hawaii is surfing, and Maui is the perfect island to learn surfing. Since Maui beaches are vast, you can find an incredible spot to surf whether you’re a beginner or an expert. This makes Maui a perfect spot to enjoy surfing. There is a wide range of surfing schools, too offering expert guidance!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle boarding is the recent and amazing development in the field of water sports, especially in Maui. It’s an incredible way to witness the reefs and scenic beauty of the sea on this stunning island. There are also provisions for swimming.

Visit the Molokini Crater

To reach here, you can rent a boat from Maalaea and south Kihei. Witness the wonderful creatures and underwater life including the endangered green Hawaiian turtles and spinner dolphins. Molokini Crater is a moulded volcanic atoll located around the south shore of Maui. It’s a State Marine Life and Bird Conservation District and one of the most well-known swimming areas in the territory of Hawaii.


This activity has become increasingly better known on Maui. You can witnessthe kites flying throughout the Maui beaches. Maui offers some incredible facilities on the south and north shores of the island to explore this wonderful sea activity.

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Plan a Trip to Lansing, Michigan with JetBlue Airlines

Lansing is the capital of the state of Michigan, the United States of America. The city is an emerging vacationing city in America. Plan a trip to Lansing with your family and friends to spend some memorable moments. Here are some wonderful places and activities to do in and around the city. So visit the JetBlue airlines official site to make your JetBlue Airlines Reservations now!

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State Capitol Building

Visit the State Capitol Building in Lansing and travel back to the Victorian era. The place was designed by renowned Elijah E. Myers back then. The Capitol Building is structured in around 20 acres of land. Take a guided tour of the landmark spot of Michigan and get to know about the rich American history.

Michigan History Center

The Michigan History Center is loaded with extraordinary artefacts and information, which tells us about the astounding past of the country. It briefly tells us about the early European travelers of that era who played a major role in establishing the state of Michigan. 

Famous eateries of the city

Head to the wonderful Burgdorf Winery to spend an amazing night with your loved ones. Plan a magnificent dinner at the Blue Gill Grill and reserve a table with a view of mesmerizing Lake Lansing. Get to the wonderful Ellison Brewery and Spirits where you can bring your own food and snack to enjoy it with some great wine. Taste some of their brilliant wines and get to know about the production process of wines and lagers.

Potter Park Zoo

The Potter Park Zoo houses 150+ species of rare wildlife creatures. It is considered as a safe house to some of the extinct animals of this planet. Witness the tigers, pandas, and other rich wildlife here. You can also visit the nearby East Lansing zoo with your loved ones.

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Visit the Capital of Peru Lima With JetBlue Airlines

Peru is a famous country situated in South America. The country has a large portion of Amazon rain forest and Machu Picchu. It is an old Incan city located around the Andes mountain range. The neighbouring area of Machu Picchu includes Sacred Valley, Inca Trail and a historical city of Cusco. Peru is rich in wildlife, natural spots and archaeological sites.

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The city has numerous places to visit and activities to do:

Walk through the Malecon De Mira Flores

Malecon is a wonderful promenade and boardwalk in the region of Mira flores, which offers breath-taking views around the ocean and great beaches. Stroll around this beautiful spot in the capital of Lima.

Mira Flores stretches for approximately 8 kilometres along the astounding coast. People from around the globe visit here to spend some pleasant vacation. Halt at the Larcomar strip mall to enjoy more beautiful perspectives.  Rent a bicycle here and go for a short spin around the football courts and dazzling nurseries.

Explore the Plaza de Armas

Visit the Plaza de Armas, which welcomes visitors without any charge. The place is also known as the Plaza Mayor which is one of the historical places of Lima. The city was established back in 1535. The place is surrounded by the Lima Cathedral and Government Palace. The place is pleasant to stroll around with your family and friends. The gallery here is filled with impeccable art pieces.

Try the Peruvian Cuisine

The style of Peruvian cooking is renowned in entire South America. There are numerous places to eat in Lima where you can taste the amazing South American delicacies. The eateries here offer a great deal of Spanish, Italian as well as Chinese food. Try the diverse cafes, fine-dine restaurants, and some wonderful food trucks, which can be seen frequently in the streets of Lima.

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Visit the Lovely State of Oklahoma with JetBlue Airlines

Oklahoma is a decent vacation destination for those who love seeing art displays and museums, luxurious gardens, and small towns full of places. So if you are planning a vacation anytime soon, visit the JetBlue Airlines Official Site now!

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Following are the places to see while holidaying in Oklahoma:

  • For those who have come with their family (or children), visit the Oklahoma Aquarium! Get to see the huge fishes, sea turtles, and Polynesian Reef here. This aquarium is no ordinary and is regarded for the world’s biggest assortment of bullhead sharks (see the Shark Adventure display). Not only local sea creatures but creatures from across the globe can be seen here!
  • Visit Ponca City, which is popular for its palatial home. The city also has the widely known Bryant Baker Gallery, which is a great tourist attraction! It is devoted to the namesake stone carver and you’ll find many beautiful sculptures here! There are many displays that will make you flummoxed with wonder!
  • Visit Tahlequah (the capital of the Cherokee Indian Nation) to know about the region’s history at the Cherokee Heritage Centre. See the notable wooden structures of Adams Corner Rural Village showcasing Native American history. There are many other interesting displays to explore!
  • Oklahoma City’s midtown is famous for its Botanical Gardens. You will cherish coming to this place! With a huge yard and a little lake, it is a perfect place for a family get-together. Visit the Crystal Bridge Conservatory of plants in which they bloom over the tropical woods! Enjoy the bird’s-eye view of the flower-filled garden.

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Chicago’s Indian Restaurants are worth Taking a Bite at with JetBlue Airlines

The city of Chicago is situated in the wonderful state of Illinois, the United States of America. The city has various places to visit and activities to do with your loved ones. Chicago is known for its modern and urban areas including the iconic downtown region of Chicago. Following are some eateries you must visit while visiting Chicago.

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Tiffin: The Indian Kitchen

Head to this wonderful restaurant of Chicago offering Indian and Chinese delicacies as well as offer a lively ambience to the visitors.The gigantic menu consists of majorly some vegan dishes like the seared baby corn and paneer (cottage cheese) bean stews along with various kinds of bread. Other famous and delicious food items here include poori, varieties of paratha, etc.

Royal Indian Grill

Visit here to taste flavourful Indian cuisines. Royal Indian Grill provides for in-house dining as well as takeaways. Try the delicious chicken tikka masala and garlic naan here along with any good drink. Other famous dishes of the restaurant include daal (pulses) makhani and butter chicken.

Pub Royale

Visit this lively bar which has an essence of Indian style is the ideal spot to grab some delectable samosas and other Indian snacks along with a lager or a mocktail. Plan a dinner here with your loved ones and spend some memorable time.

Mango Pickle

Head to the famous restaurant Mango Pickle, which is situated in the northern area of Edge water. Owned and operated by the famous chef Marisa Paolillo, this restaurant, offers some astounding delicacies. Paolillo explored India for 10 years and learning about Indian food. Later, she moved back to Chicago and devoted herself to Mango Pickle in order to provide wonderful food to Indians as well as locals. Try the delicious cashew rice cake, meat pan-fried food, and sheep khichdi.

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Miami’s Most Popular Attractions with Jet Blue Airlines

Miami is every traveller’s dream destination! If you are looking out to plan a vacation here soon, then we suggest you do it now. Jet Blue Airlines Official Site is offering huge discounts on air ticket bookings so hurry and book your Jet Blue Airlines Tickets now!

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  • While around Miami, visit the place called Everglades.Here,you can enjoy many water sports activities such as fishing and biking. You can also swim through knee-high mud with an off-trail climb. The water looks cool and creatures like the manatee, the American crocodile, and the Florida jaguar can be easily spotted here.
  • Miami’s most up to date attraction is known as the Time Out Market. You can discover Miami’s top wine authority’s here. It is actually an extravagance food corridor that is known for serving the best gourmet! From Jeremy Ford’s Korean food to regular pizza joints, this place has all types of cuisines and food items!
  • If you are in search of a place that has many great resorts and beach facing views, then Sea Drive is the right place to invest your time and energy. One can spend an entire day shopping at the close by Lincoln Road. This place is actually a road with many beautiful inns, cafes, and bars. The structures are particularly made with Art Deco design (from Paris).
  • If you want more such shopping and cafe hunting experiences, then visit Downtown’s Bay side Marketplace. From local to boutique brands, this marketplace is an extraordinary place that offers everything! Many diners serving American cuisine can be visited here. Simply enjoy a milkshake with a burger and fries while relaxing down from your shopping binge! All the structures here are two-story shopping complexes. So take a day off from exploring and indulge in fancy bites at some fancy cafes and shop your heart out!

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Stunning Properties in the USA for a Great Vacation with JetBlue Airlines

The USA is a place that is known for its diverse landscape- huge ice sheets, mountains, woods, etc. There are also many great properties, stays, and hotels here offering beautiful views and exciting activities like rope rock climbing, wave pool activities, horse riding, etc. If you want to get yourself enrolled in a fun USA vacation and lifetime experiences, then visit the Jetblue Airlines official site now and book your Jetblue Airlines tickets!

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  • Consider booking your stay at the lakefront Osth off Resort. The hotel offers one-to three-room suites with kitchens or kitchenettes, helpful for reducing expenses. You can also consider normal rooms which are pretty big too. The property offers activities such as hydro bicycles, water cycles, and other sports suitable for both adults and children. This place also has an in-house spa offering facials, massages, back rubs, and scours.
  • If you are on a family vacation, then consider visiting Wood loch. The property is located at lakeside so you can take part in many beach activities such as building sand figures, shoots bands, and plays soccer with your children. This hotel is a must to visit if your main considerations are entertainment via Broadway-style musical shows. You can also visit the lake and swim, fish, kayak, and water ski (or simply relax down).
  • One of the best properties in America is the Flathead Lake Lodge in Big Fork. It is one of the oldest yet the interiors are beautifully done! You can enjoy activities such as horseback riding and water sports. There are also free games to play (both indoor and outdoor) and an amazing range of rooms for your stay. Get the amazing view from this property and make the most of your vacation!

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How to Travel Safely in the Times of a Pandemic with JetBlue Airlines

Travelling amid the COVID-19 outbreak has become pretty concerning.There is no need to drop your outing plans but try to act cautiously by following the below-mentioned tips. If you plan to travel, make your JetBlue Airlines Reservations online!

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  • Continuously use hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer is a must to have thing in your travel backpack. Use it every now and then (immediately after touching any susceptible surface).
  • Make use of an e-wallet to pay: when you pay in shops, or markets you ought to ditch the typical wallet (cash pay) and do a transaction via e-wallet.
  • Know your clinical history:If you have any prior conditions that can make you truly sick from the corona virus (such as respiratory sickness, cardiovascular ailment, diabetes, hypertension, etc.), then it is better to get checked on the level of your disease (such as blood sugar level, BP, etc.) before initiating with your trip!
  • Keep away from packs: Try to avoid crowded places as you travel. Instead, discover new isolated places, which are not just safe but also beautiful!
  • Clean much-used objects with a cleaning splash or wipe: Make sure to clean things, which you are holding on to all day such as your phone or camera.For this purpose, carry the disinfected spray or wipes.
  • Double check: Try to make things clean by yourself even if they are already cleaned. For example, your hotel room, beds, etc. are cleaned by the service boys, but try to clear them by yourself too.

There won’t be an ideal time to travel from now on wards as we have to live with the virus. So there is no point holding on! If you have chosen to travel, book your JetBlue airlines tickets at the JetBlue airlines official site now!